Benefits of Ballroom Dance Education

Despite today’s technological promise of “complete connectivity”, we often find ourselves less connected to one another at a deep meaningful level, as well as some loss of communication with our own inner selves. Dance is an art form that unlike other active sports and hobbies nourishes all parts of the human experience. It requires concentration of the mind to influence and train the physical body, and through the channel of music and self-expression it nourishes the soul. More than other types of dance, Ballroom and Latin involve two people depending on each other as they move together to create a dance. This “journey” is a genuine experience of reconnection to ourselves and those around us. Oh, yes, don’t forget that it is also just so much fun! Dance education:

  • Gains a useful lifetime skill
  • Makes for great exercise
  • Promotes a healthy frame of mind
  • Builds confidence
  • Nourishes or spices up a relationship
  • Gives opportunity to meet new people
  • Provides events to socialize confidently
  • Keeps you sharp and fit
  • Brings awareness of your approach to challenges in your life
  • Uncovers aspects of your personality you might not know are there
  • Fosters a healthy mind/body connection
  • Takes you out of your comfort zone (scary but empowering)
  • Helps you gals be and feel more glamorous
  • Makes leading men of you guys
  • Allows lots more fun than doing reps or therapy!