That first dance

Someone’s getting’ hitched? Congratulations. You and your sweetheart are going to be sharing one of the most extraordinary days of your lives. You also may be dreading getting up in front of family and friends for that time- honored first dance. Most couples come to us wanting something romantic that is comfortable and natural looking–most of all, not to make a fool of themselves in front of all their guests. Whether you want something simple and elegant, or more specialized, learning to dance is a fabulous and memorable opportunity to de-stress, have fun, and do something special together as you prepare for your big day.

Parents (and friends) of the bride and groom

If your son or daughter is getting married soon, you may be thinking about a required first dance: father-daughter, mother-son or you as a couple. Weddings are wonderful times to brush up on your dancing moves, or to create some new ones for the wedding and future events as well. Dance lessons for the happy couple and yourselves make a wonderful and thoughtful gift. Perhaps the whole family or wedding party could use an evening of dancing in preparation for the big event!

How much time do we need?

Our couples always ask how much time it takes to prepare their dance. Although this depends on many factors, in all cases we recommend starting as soon as you can! The average couple starts preparing six months in advance. Starting with an introductory lesson right away can give you an idea of how much time it will take to build a skill that is not only fun, but one you can use the rest of your lives together.