Longtime Love of Dance

When I decided to get back to dancing, it was one of the best decisions made in a long time. David is a great teacher and friend. He makes each lesson challenging and most of all fun! Dancing is a wonderful exercise and also relieves the stress from our daily lives. Why not “DISCOVER” what dancing can do to improve your life?

- Darlyne D., CPA, Student of David’s for 15 years

Two-Left Feet Find’s His Confidence

I understand that is easy to be self-conscious on the dance floor. You are sure that everyone is watching, especially if you are off beat or forget something. Trust me, no one notices. They don’t know as much about dance as you will. Observers will just see you having fun. Anything you could want is available to you— learn your first dance for your wedding. Many couples do. Learn social dancing; feel more comfortable so that you can go out on the floor and move to the music. And if you want, you can be a competitive dancer and compete in dance competitions. You will set your goals and they will work with you. This is a supportive environment where you can feel at home and be supported in your steps toward becoming a dancer. I have really enjoyed the challenge of learning to dance. This has really changed my life.

- Jim G., Oncologist, Student of Emily’s for 4 years

Smiling Samba Dancing Senior

The hallmark of David and Emily’s teaching styles is that each lesson brings progress. Now halfway into my 7th year and 15 national dance competitions dancing with David Scherer, each lesson if still fresh and rewarding. Thanks!

- Shirley G., Public Relations Consultant, 80 yrs old

A Treasured Discovery

Before coming to Discover Ballroom I had taken about 6 months of dance lessons at another studio. About three lessons in with David, I realized I had already learned more with him than in the 6 months elsewhere. That’s how lessons with David and Emily go. They’re both incredible teachers. They do more than just teach dance. They get to know each student, what makes you tick, what holds you back and they use that to make you better. My husband and I have been taking lessons with them for almost two years. Any chance we get we tell people “if you want to learn to dance, you HAVE to do it with David and Emily!

- Nicole Z.

More Than Just Dancing

Thanks for the best five years of dancing and friendship. The instructors continue to show that dance is beyond exercise but personal growth. Dance is a great way to connect people beyond couples.

- Kelsey N., Occupational Therapist

Extraordinary Find

Amazingly talented instructors!  Not only are they award winning incredible dancers, they are able to transfer their knowledge in a way students can easily understand. Comfortable surroundings!

- Vicki R.

Happy Honeymooners

Love love love Emily and David!!!! They were so amazing teaching us our first dance! It was so much fun that even my husband enjoyed our classes! I recommend everyone who wants to learn to dance to go see Emily and David!

- Jolene and James H.

A Great Journey Together

In 2008 Emily and David Scherer began teaching us how to dance.  Within a couple of months we were enjoying dancing with each other at numerous venues around St. Louis.  In less than a year we were dancing at competitions across the country.  David and Emily were always patient and positive.  They challenged us to do our best and made every lesson fun. Learning to dance was one of the best decisions of our lives!

- Susan and David M.

Having Fun Along the Way

Since we started the couples lessons last year, our dancing has greatly improved. We are having a lot of fun dancing. You not only taught us a lot of dance steps, but have taken the time to refine our dancing with the nuances of the frame, posture, and connection. Your ability to analyze what needs to be corrected and communicate how to change it in a positive way makes the lessons a real pleasure. We would certainly recommend you to all our friends!

- Scott E.

Keeping it Fresh and Interesting

David Scherer has been my ballroom dance instructor for the past 2 years. Under David’s tutelage I have had the experience of performing in a showcase at the dance studio and in a dance competition in California. David’s ballroom dance knowledge is encyclopedic and his ability to explain the intricacies of dance movement is amazing. David adapts his dance instruction to my ability to understand and translate it into action. David does not take an unyielding approach toward what is correct or incorrect. Rather his approach is individualized recognizing what is achievable, safe and fun for me when dancing. Each lesson is also fun because David keeps things fresh and interesting, plus he has a great sense of humor. I unreservedly recommend David as a ballroom dance instructor.

- Gwen J.