Social Dance Parties

Shall we dance? A major goal of many students when they come to us is to comfortably and confidently go out dancing. Whether a beginner or long-time dancer, being able to dance well at parties is a sure way to meet people and have a blast.

At Discover Ballroom we’ve designed our social dance parties for our students to “go out dancing” in the familiar studio environment. We dim the usual lights and fire up the party lighting, turn on the music, serve refreshments and snacks to give students a fun way to practice what they’re learning in their lessons. You meet and dance with other students and the Discover Ballroom teachers, who are always present to dance with and help students throughout the evening. Ask about our party schedule for more details.


Ballroom competitions are exciting and glamorous events that happen throughout the year in every region of the country under the aegis of DanceSport of America. Open to dancers from around the world, these events provide an opportunity for amateurs and professionals to gather together to compete in the same dance category– to better their dancing, enjoy performing and to celebrate the art of dance. Check with Emily about upcoming competitive events if this is something you are interested in.

Charity Events

It is very much on Discover Ballroom’s radar to find opportunities to team up with community and charity organizations that want to use dance as an event to promote their cause. As an example, we have taken a major role choreographing, dancing and training local celebrities since the launching of the annual Dancing in the Loop for the Jewish Community Center. They were guest performers at the Forget-Me-Not Ball for the Alzheimer’s Association in 2012 and 2013. If you have an event you would like to take to the next level with world-class dancing, call us today. We would love to be part of your event.

ShowTime Performances

Just as with any sport, hobby or subject, having a special progress goal to work toward adds direction, motivation and inspiration for the learning process. When students have been dancing enough time and want to show off their new skill, or take their dancing to a new level, our ShowTime events provide them this opportunity. This is not a competition between students, but a showcase of what each individual and the studio achieve. We invite family and friends to cheer students on as they and their teachers show off their best dancing. Stand aside Dancing With the Stars, here we come! Ask about our scheduled events.