Passion. Purpose. Professionalism.

Dancing is the embodied expression of the human experience to music. It’s not only lots of fun, it holds the potential to change lives in such a positive way. Whether on our own or in partnership with another, it’s been said that through dance we have the equal potential to lose ourselves and find ourselves at the same time. At Discover Ballroom, we are passionate about creating a welcoming environment that allows people to explore dance at whatever level and for whatever purpose makes their heart sing. Through dance and the journey it takes us on, we can rediscover our confidence, our vitality, and our connection to ourselves and each other.

Emily Wehrman

Meet Emily Wehrman, owner of Discover Ballroom. Her passion for dance and helping people realize their amazing potential fuels the purpose of her company to make dance education fun and accessible for people of all ages and abilities. She has an extensive background in movement, music and communication. Her ballet and language studies took her abroad to study in France. Upon returning to the United States, she studied various martial arts and equestrian riding/training that would enhance her understanding of the body, energy, partnering and communication. But her first love of dancing led her to explore Ballroom and Latin styles more full time. She has since spent her years honing her knowledge and application of these techniques as both teacher, professional American Smooth competitor, and professional/amateur partner with her students. Through her nurturing and supportive teaching style combined with her humor and enthusiasm for learning, she always finds down-to-earth ways to empower each student and address their individual needs. Although she loves the opportunities and glamour of the competitive scene, she is equally as passionate about teaching people that have never before stepped foot on a dance floor. She makes dancing easy and approachable, and most of all, just so much fun! She is a member of the National Dance Council of America.