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Discover Ballroom provides Ballroom and Latin dance instruction to singles and couples of all ability and background in a welcoming, supportive environment. Our aim is to encourage growth, personal empowerment, freedom of creative and artistic expression and the delineation of clear communication, love and respect within partnerships on-and-off the dance floor.
No Partner Necessary! Beginner to Advanced Levels! All Ages Welcome!

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“Dancing is the embodied expression of the human experience to music. It’s not only lots of fun, it holds the potential to change lives in such a positive way. Whether on our own or in partnership with another, it’s been said that through dance we have the equal potential to lose ourselves and find ourselves at the same time. At Discover Ballroom, we are passionate about creating a welcoming environment that allows people to explore dance at whatever level and for whatever purpose makes their heart sing. Through dance and the journey it takes us on, we can rediscover our confidence, our vitality, and our connection to ourselves and each other.”

Sponsored by Emmy Award winning costume designer for Dancing with the Stars Randall Designs